Poem – Life

  A wonderful fulfilling life to be loved is yours, all yours. You just need to open your eyes to what you already have, and close your eyes to the demons around and within you. You can make all your dreams come true. Simply be grateful for what you already have, While you work towards... Continue Reading →


Journal Entry 01:05am

Hey, I came across this statement tonight while on night shift for work and it got me to thinking......... Here it is......... "…Writers remember everything…especially the hurts. Strip a writer to the buff, point to the scars, and he’ll tell you the story of each small one. From the big ones you get novels. A... Continue Reading →

Mindful Moment 10:15pm

So the long Easter weekend has came to an end and so has the school half term holidays.  We done so much fun things during the holidays and we ended it on a high. The girls had a tea party for them and their friends to end the holidays and it was great fun. The... Continue Reading →

Wall Art Free

So I love playing around and making wall art printable's for our home or fun things for the kiddies etc so thought I would share some for you all. These are not perfect but I love them. I will also share some Spring & Easter ones soon. All you have to do is click on... Continue Reading →

The Past

  Thought For Thought Make peace with your past, live in your present and work towards your future. Life is too short to live in your past and worry about the future because then you are forgetting about the now. With each present moment it then becomes a thing of the past so embrace every... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I don't understand why we have to sleep, With every sleep comes either good dreams or bad dreams that run so deep. I understand we need to feel relaxed and refreshed, To perform at our best. But why sleep. Life is too short, I don't want to spend it sleeping all the time.  I... Continue Reading →

3 Happy Things

    Don't do what others expect of you. Be you, For everyone else is taken. Stay true to yourself and don't follow the crowd, Stand out, Stand tall, And be proud. And always remember to stay true to yourself and make sure you live your best life out loud. ~Kimmy Kirkwood   3 Happy... Continue Reading →

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