Poem – Life

  A wonderful fulfilling life to be loved is yours, all yours. You just need to open your eyes to what you already have, and close your eyes to the demons around and within you. You can make all your dreams come true. Simply be grateful for what you already have, While you work towards... Continue Reading →


3 Happy Things

    Don't do what others expect of you. Be you, For everyone else is taken. Stay true to yourself and don't follow the crowd, Stand out, Stand tall, And be proud. And always remember to stay true to yourself and make sure you live your best life out loud. ~Kimmy Kirkwood   3 Happy... Continue Reading →

Thankful Heart 

Giving Share and care. For in this world there is too many of the sad and poor. You don't have to be rich, To become someone who is having a bad day's cure. A small gesture from the heart, May just be exactly what a stranger needs to stop them from falling apart. We all... Continue Reading →

The Sky 

The Sky is so wonderful especially when it's so colourful. In the Sky mixed between the wind and the clouds, The Sky holds many crowds. Not crowds of people but crowds of people's prayers, promises, wishes and whispers, And yet the Sky at times can still look so bright, beautiful and happy. Life is a... Continue Reading →

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