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DIARY: Setting Intentions

Hey everyone, Happy February folks, can not believe we are in February already. Wanted to share a little bit on my new way of setting intentions and my intentions for this month. IntentionsThe start of this year I decided to start setting monthly intentions. These intentions are based on how I am feeling and which… Continue reading DIARY: Setting Intentions

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Diary: New Year

Hey my lovelies, The new year is fast approaching and this is when most of us say those 4 words "New year = New Me". As much as I would like a new me in reality that won't happen so I will settle for a "better me". I thought I would write down my plan… Continue reading Diary: New Year

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DIARY: Dreams & Free Dream Cards

Hey everyone, Recently I have been having the strangest of dreams, for sure one of the negatives of being on medication I guess. The dreams got that bad I would rather not sleep and be tired all day than sleep and have the chance of dreaming. I have been researching dream meanings and ideas on… Continue reading DIARY: Dreams & Free Dream Cards