A Fall From Grace

Hey, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back about my own experience with an eating disorder. This is my experience in my own words. This is raw, rough and real.       A Fall From Grace   In a world where I felt so small, So small that everything and... Continue Reading →


Your Life Is Art – Poem

Your life is art, it should be appreciated for its uniqueness, not for its struggles or flaws. But for its journey, It has got you this far and if you put your mind to it can you imagine how much further you can go. and how amazing your life could be. Because you're the artist,... Continue Reading →

The War Of Women?

Hey my lovelies,   I read something the other day from the wonderful women who was in the hit tv show big little lies. They said "What are the forces that drive women to judgement? Division? assumption? comparison?" This got me thinking that in those few words there was so much power. This was said... Continue Reading →

Poem – Life

  A wonderful fulfilling life to be loved is yours, all yours. You just need to open your eyes to what you already have, and close your eyes to the demons around and within you. You can make all your dreams come true. Simply be grateful for what you already have, While you work towards... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I don't understand why we have to sleep, With every sleep comes either good dreams or bad dreams that run so deep. I understand we need to feel relaxed and refreshed, To perform at our best. But why sleep. Life is too short, I don't want to spend it sleeping all the time.  I... Continue Reading →


I love the mystery that nightfall brings. The changing of the colours of the sky above. Saying goodbye to the sun and hello to the moon. With the nightfall comes a calming effect like no other. For I am a day time dreamer, and night-time thinker. ~ Kimberley Kirkwood   The changing colour of the... Continue Reading →


As she steps in through the steam, The water caresses her skin. She instantly feels hot, But also feels a weight has been lifted off of her and now she can finally breathe. Beneath the clothes, the hair, the make up lies an eccentric girl. In the bath she feels pure, she feels safe. The... Continue Reading →

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