DIARY: Setting Intentions

Hey everyone,

Happy February folks, can not believe we are in February already. Wanted to share a little bit on my new way of setting intentions and my intentions for this month.


The start of this year I decided to start setting monthly intentions. These intentions are based on how I am feeling and which tarot card I picked for the month ahead, using it as guidance.

You can set your intentions along with the Moon phases or just monthly intentions. I follow the Moon phases and set 1 intention during a New Moon but the ones I am talking about just now are my monthly intentions.

So what is an intention? An intention is like a goal, it is a plan or aim you set.

My intentions for this month are:

When I set my intentions I have a little ritual I do which involves, meditation, journaling & bathing.

February’s intentions are based around how I am feeling and around the tarot card I picked in my New Years tarot spread for this month.

As you can see my intentions are very straight forward and simple to follow and understand. Having these intentions written up, I look at them everyday as a reminder to stay focused. I work around my intentions making them a priority in my life.

Do you make intentions? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading.


Kimmy xoxo


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