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Moon Calendar

Hi everyone,

I am a Moon child, you are a Moon child, we are all Moon children. I follow the Moon phases and I truly believe in the power it holds.

I have made up a new Moon & full Moon calendar for 2018, I am going to make a full one but I thought I would make this one up first and see if people like it or not. The calendar turned out so pretty and better than I thought to be honest.


So the calendar is A4 size and there is 2 pages in this download. The gold Circle is a full Moon and the silver circle outline is a new Moon. I took the information for this from the Moon app and as far as I know it is accurate.

All you have to do is download the free calendar here and print it off and your done. I will be doing a more in-depth one for myself so if you want me to share it just let me know.

“The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses.”

Thanks for reading.

Take care,


Kimmy xoxo


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