Hey my lovelies,

Someone at work said to me the other day that I “brighten up their day when I am around” it was so lovely to hear and got me thinking, Who am I?

Well let me tell you…….




I stopped trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be a long time ago.

I am kind, compassionate and caring,

I find comfort in giving and helping others.

But I am also far from perfect.

I am moany and messy,

And also clever but clumsy.

I am giddy and goofy,

But also prim and proper when I need to be.

Being a Mom is my main priority in life,

But being me is essential.

Being true to who I am makes me the best mother I can possibly be.

I am that person who may not talk to you everyday but when you need me, I will be there 100%.

I am reliable and approachable.

My passions in life are to love, laugh, care and create,

This is what makes me happy.

I am a bookworm and photo taker,

and also a crazy idea maker.

I am a Autumn and Winter lover,

And sometimes a little risk taker.

I am content and happy when I am being true to myself,

But in being me I am also a sensitive and emotional soul.

I am far from what they call high maintenance because I think you can’t buy happiness and that’s what high maintenance is, trying to find happiness the wrong way.

With me what you see is what you get.

I am most happy when I have my camera in my hand and I am with my family being silly and funny, creating, exploring, or just simply doing nothing.

This is me stripped back,

NO mask,

NO costume,


Flawed but happy,

Perfectly imperfect me.


“Always be true to who you are.”


Thanks for reading.

Take care and talk soon.

Love, Kimmy xoxo


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