We Loved July Because…..

Hey my lovelies,


I can not believe that July is nearly over already, days, weeks, months, years all go so fast when you get older that’s for sure. Anyways I am happy because I am such an Autumn and Winter girl at heart, that’s when I feel most content in life. So we are about to enter August but first let me tell you what we have loved about the month of July.


❤ July ❤



We travelled to a few places around Scotland this month. We had so much fun travelling by train, we all love the train journey’s. I find that it isn’t the fact we are travelling that we love it, it is more the fact we are all together and happy.

Scotland is such a beautiful place. I think it is something because we live here we take for granted sometimes but while travelling your eyes are forced open to the beauty that is all around you and it is pretty incredible. 

We visited Perth, Dundee, Edinburgh and Motherwell. We have been to some of these places before but we have done different things every time. Even if we wasn’t doing anything big, walking around somewhere new that isn’t home feels great when you are with the ones you love the most. We explored new places, we found cute little shops and places to eat. We went swimming, we also went sightseeing and watched street entertainers and a pirate show. Lastly we visited an amusement park & wildlife centre which was awesome. Overall it was great fun for all and we are all so grateful we had the opportunity to do these wonderful things.

I am planning on doing a little photo DIY with our pictures we took while away to display in our home so look out for that soon.

What does travel mean to you? Below are some pictures of our travels and some beautiful pictures I have found of Scotland.


Edinburgh castle (image from google search)


This is somewhere on my to go list, this is the fairy pools at the Isle of Skye. It looks amazing. (image from google image search).


Some Of Our Pictures

We took loads so this is just a few.



Books & Inspiration

So this month I got to meet the lovely Estelle Maskame who wrote the D.I.M.I.L.Y series. I went to her new book launch of Dare to fall and in all honesty this young girl is a true inspiration. During the book launch we got to ask her & her editor questions and enjoyed some wine and nibbles, it was so much fun and a great honour. Getting to meet her and have her answer my questions and sign my book felt great, she is so young and accomplished so much but she is very down to earth and genuine. I came away from this book signing feeling so refreshed and happy that I got to meet someone who to me and many others is an inspiration but to meet someone who has such a bright future ahead of her was out this world. When I came home and told my daughters about her they was so happy and surprised that this young girl from Scotland got her books published by just being out there, sharing her work and not giving up. She is not only an inspiration to me but she is also an inspiration to my daughters who both love reading and writing. She is the type of person they should look up too, she is an inspiration to many and I can see her going very far in life. I wish her the very best and thank her for a great evening.

This month my book collection has increased, I actually haven’t read much with travelling but I have a nice pile of books for the colder weather coming which I can not wait to start.

What are you reading just now? Below are pictures of the book signing.



July has been wonderful and there is so many things to be thankful for. These things mentioned above is why we have loved every minute of July, to have the chance to do these things is a blessing and we are all so very grateful.


❤ Goodbye July, Hello August ❤


I am so ready for August. Thank you so much for reading.


Take care & Talk Soon.


Love, Kimmy & Co xoxo


Screenshot 2017-07-08 07.22.16


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