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A Fall From Grace


I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back about my own experience with an eating disorder. This is my experience in my own words. This is raw, rough and real.





A Fall From Grace


In a world where I felt so small,

So small that everything and everyone seemed so tall.

I felt like I was stuck in the middle of a huge crowd.

A crowd that forced me to live in the shadow.

A Shadow that felt so narrow.

I couldn’t think, eat or sleep.

I was consumed by the darkness in one big sweep.

After a while I learned to live within this darkness by controlling what I had to eat.

Being in control of this one thing made me feel like I wasn’t so small after all.

Little did I know I was heading for a great big fall.

A fall from grace to grave,

If I didn’t accept that I had a problem and a big choice to make.

Making the wrong choice would result in my fate.

For I chose to fight,

For I chose to eat,

For I chose to live.


Read my previous post regarding eating disorders here. Also for advice on help with eating disorders please go here.


Thank you for reading.


Take care of your beautiful self.


Love, Kimmy xoxx


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