Coffee Talk – Life Lately & Update

Hey everyone,

So recently I took little break from blogging to recharge and refresh. I thought I would give you an update of what has been going on and what is coming. I hope you are all well and enjoying the Summer so far.



So lately we have been pretty busy with the Summer holidays just started the girls had few things planned from the first week. They both enjoyed a weeks intense dance course and I couldn’t be prouder of them they both did so well. Summer doesn’t want to continue with the classes but Katie does. The dance teacher came over after the dance show and personal asked if Katie could join her and her team at her studio because she thinks she is very talented. 3 teachers from London came over and taught them over the week and all picked Katie to join the dance team. This was pretty incredible and we couldn’t be prouder of her. Summer went to Stirling with her music band for a show and sleepover, they went to the wildlife park and she got to hold a tiny chick which she loved. They done the show and had so much fun. We missed her loads so was nice to get her home happy and safe.



Now the girls are finished most of their courses, they just have few more days of swimming to finish. Then our Family fun will start. We got few fun trips planned and some fun activities too. We are all looking forward to them.

We have changed the name of the blog slightly so instead of frozen moments it is now magical moments and I created our header myself with the girls help, we think this represents us better.

The blog will be changing a little again, because we are now doing different things. We will be adding these to the blog menu:

  • Art & journaling
  • Wellbeing
  • Creative Writing

These will be added and they will bring a little variety to the blog. The blog will continue to grow and change with us so these are the new changes that will be made this Summer.

Art & journaling

In our home we are always doodling or painting so this is being added to the blog because we would like to share what we love. The girls will be adding their art work to the blog and telling you a bit about what they have created. I will be adding my journal pages and stationary posts to share my ideas with others. We are really enjoying this just now.




I’m not going to lie, wellbeing is something I lack. I will work myself down to the last before I then let myself recharge, at one point I was living off of 2 hours sleep a night plus night shift and family duties it was crazy and pretty unhealthy. So for the next few months I am adding wellbeing to the blog as a reminder for me to take care of myself more. This will include routines, healing crystals, mediation spots, products and loads more. I look forward to starting this journey with you.




Creative Writing

This is something I have done here before but I want to do it more because it is a passion of mine. I also would like to invite my daughters to join. They have the best imaginations ever and I want to share that with you all. So each week we will take it in turns to write a creative piece on here for some light reading before bed maybe. This will include, poems, short stories, dreams, experiences or pieces we like. We can’t wait.




So that is life lately and our little update.

We looking forward to the next few months with this layout and we hope you like it too.
Thanks for reading,


Take care & talk soon,
Love Kimmy & the Girls xoxo


Screenshot 2017-07-08 07.22.16





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