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A Fall From Grace

Hey, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back about my own experience with an eating disorder. This is my experience in my own words. This is raw, rough and real.       A Fall From Grace   In a world where I felt so small, So small that everything and… Continue reading A Fall From Grace

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Crystal & Mediation Talk

Hey, So I have been meditating everyday for the past 10 days and I have seen such a big difference in myself. Thought I would share what has helped me on my mediation journey and my crystal of the month.   Mediation When I started mediation I never really got it, I found it hard… Continue reading Crystal & Mediation Talk

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New Crystal & Magical Message

Hey my lovelies, Today I want to share with you my new crystal and why I picked that crystal. What I do with my crystals and a little magical message I received when away travelling with my family.   New Crystal So my new crystal is a big rose quartz, this crystal is stunning and… Continue reading New Crystal & Magical Message