Coffee Talk

Hey my lovelies,

Thought I would add a little coffee talk bit to my blog, basically for me to yap on and on about life and its ups and downs. So grab a coffee or a cup of tea and relax with me.


Life Lately

I have been little quiet on here and social media so thought I would give you all a little update. Our household caught a bug so we was all unwell unfortunately one after the other so it felt like it lasted forever, but we are all doing better now thankfully. My anxiety was also playing up too which didn’t add to everything going on so over all the past week and a half it hasn’t been the best. On the bright side we are all doing better. I am back on night shift at work which most of the time I enjoy because I always have my list of things to do during my night shifts so it keeps me productive. The girls have a few fun things coming up so they both are excited and looking forward to the next few weeks. 



With feeling rubbish for the past week or so I have turned to journalling, art journalling actually which I am loving. I am not the best artist in the world, far from it actually but I am really enjoying throwing stuff together that I love on a page and then seeing the imperfect beauty it turns out to be. I will share my journal on another post soon but here is a sneak peek of a page in my very first art journal. 

Coming Soon

So with our household all being on the mend now we can get back to normality. Coming soon to the blog will be some fun posts with the kiddies, more of my creative writing and the usual which include weekend news, coffee talks (which will include a post on anxiety) and also a wonderful Summer giveaway.

Share The Love

So with the past few weeks been horrible I have fallen behind with the share the love box which is finally going out this week. If you don’t know what the box is just click here to read a wonderful review about it and join in if you wish.


Thank you for popping by. Do you journal or doing anything creative? I would love to know. Always looking for tips on how to better myself creatively.


Take care & Talk soon.


Love, Kimmy xoxo


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