We Loved May Because……

Hey my lovelies,

So we can’t believe today is the last day in May and June basically is here already, nearly half way to Christmas (happy dance). These posts will be a new monthly addition to the blog where we recap what we loved and why about the month that has just passed, also this will be a great little reminder for us of the memories we have enjoyed over the months.

❤   May  ❤

So the Month of May has been pretty amazing and we have loved it, let me tell you why.

~ Trips ~

This month we visited Edinburgh with the kiddies and Dundee childfree.


Edinburgh was so lovely and even better than expected because the weather was amazing. We stayed in a beautiful apartment which was over looking a lake, the lake had beautiful funky boats on them which we loved. We visited the Zoo which was a delight, the Monkeys was our favourite they was being so funny and we all couldn’t stop giggling at them. We visited Edinburgh castle which we also loved, our favourite bit was seeing the queens crown. We also enjoyed the underground ghostly tour, the kiddies was a bit scared at the end but they will tell you otherwise. We ate lovely food and had great fun together.



Dundee was a last-minute thing. We was childfree and just decided to go. This spontaneous trip ended up being amazing. I got my first ever tattoo, we ate thee best pancakes ever and we stayed in a beautiful hotel with the honours of meeting UB40 who was also staying at the same hotel as us. The weather was bad but the trip was great.


~ Art & Crafts ~

This month in our house we have been expressing ourselves through art. I love drawing and playing around with watercolours, The girls like any form of art & crafts but recently painting has been most popular in our home. I love displaying the girls artwork in our home it makes me smile and makes them happy and proud to see their masterpieces displayed.

~ Walks ~

This will probably be on my list every month during the nicer weather but what can I say we love going on walks. We are lucky to live on the coast next to so much beauty so we always go on walks or I go on hikes or jogs by the water. There is something so calming and free about going for walks surrounded by so much beauty, we love it.

~ Cherished Memories ~

Here is a little slideshow of some of our photo’s that we have taken over the month of May. These are great memories for us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So May is over and we have so much to be thankful for this month but narrowing it down to the 4 above because these have been the most wonderful moments and the most talked about moments we have had in May. I am grateful to be able to do these amazing things and visit amazing places with the ones I love the most.

I wonder what this new month coming will bring…………….

Do you have any plans? Thanks for reading.

Take care & Talk soon,

Love, Kimmy & Co





2 thoughts on “We Loved May Because……

  1. I absolutely love the title of this new series! 😍 Glad you enjoyed your trips and oh, isn’t art fun? I don’t do it enough!
    Hope you have a wonderful June. 😊


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