Weekend Vibes

Hey everyone,

So the weekend has been and gone just like that. I wish the weekends was longer but I am sure so does everyone else. Let me share our weekend vibes with you while I sit here wishing it was Saturday again.

This weekend which was the last weekend in May (209 Days till Christmas) we enjoyed some lovely things which I am grateful for. Here is what we enjoyed.


❤  Beach Walk & Movie Night  ❤

The Friday just passed was such a beautiful day, I went for a hike then read my book by the water. When the kiddies finished school our weekend begun, we enjoyed a little trip to the beach beside us and a cheeky ice cream and dominos and………only kidding we stopped after the dominos. We all got cosy on the sofa and watched a movie, it was lovely.


❤  Carnivals  ❤

On the Saturday we had a trip to the carnivals which was super fun. The weather was great and it actually wasn’t that busy so it worked in well. The kiddies made us go on everything  which was fun but they are getting to the age where they can go on things themselves which is kinda scary. So on this day, Saturday 27th 2017 the girls experienced their first big rollercoaster with us then by themselves, they have no fear and now they are hooked. We all had great fun in the sun and had yummy food and treats too.


❤  Relaxing Morning  ❤

On the Sunday we had an arts & craft morning in our pj’s. We ate pancakes and made handmade dreamcatchers. We also did some paintings and drawings. This relaxed morning was perfect for a Sunday morning. Spending time with the girls doing fun things around the house is always lovely at the weekend.


The weekend just passed the vibes was amazing. We had fun in the sun, laughter in the lounge and treats in the tummy. Got to love the weekends ❤


That was our weekend vibes for the weekend just passed, did you have a nice weekend?

Thanks for reading.


Take care & Talk soon.

Love, Kimmy & Co



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