Journal Entry 7:28pm

Hi everyone,


So the other day we took the girls to the park to see the ducks, watch the sunset and of course play in the park. After playing with the girls I sat on the bench and looked over to the river, there sat by the river was a man and his dog. In this moment time slowed down and I couldn’t help but appreciate the bond and beauty of what I had seen. So this is for them.

The Man & His Dog

The man sitting by the river with his dog.

For they sat side by side.

The man staring at the beauty of the river,

The dog staring at the beauty of his owner.

They sat there peacefully together enjoying that moment in time.

For now that moment has passed.

But I won’t forget the man and his dog who on this day in this moment made time slow down and not go so fast,

So we could simply make this moment last. 

~ Kimmy Kirkwood

Thank you to the man & his dog for making me stop and look around on May 25th 2017 at 7:28pm, you made me appreciate the beauty of the bonds we have with the ones we love. 


Last Words of Wisdom

“We see the most purest things with our hearts.”


Thanks for reading.


Take care & Talk soon,


Love, Kimmy



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