Being Positive

Hey everyone,


People have said to me that they don’t understand how I can always be so positive, I giggled because I am not a naturally positive person. I suffer from Anxiety so I try very hard to stay positive and see the good in everyone and everything but this doesn’t come easy for me at all. After having children the last thing I wanted is for my negative energy to become there’s so I came up with ways of coping as such and through the years I have generally became a more positive person, the only thing I can’t seem to master is sleep (eye roll) I have the worst sleep patterns EVER but apart from that I have learnt a lot around keeping my mood balanced and my positivity flowing. Here is what I like to do to keep my spirits high.


I Write

I write whatever comes to my head. Sometimes it is beautiful poetry, other times it is angry moans but I write it down and get it out of my head and if it is poetry or ideas it stays if it’s anger or frustration I don’t ever read it back I just leave it be. Normally when I Write what is in my head afterwards I feel lighter, more content. I love writing.



Now I would like to say that when I am low getting lost in a book helps my mood but unfortunately that doesn’t work for me. I struggle to concentrate when I’m low so reading doesn’t always come easy but sometimes when I make a space and by space I mean calming, quiet atmosphere it works I then can read fine. If that doesn’t work I turn to audiobooks and not necessarily fiction books normally it will be positive self-help books which I shall name a few of my favs below. This helps me more because all I have to do is sit and listen and my mind wonders and 9 times out of 10 I normally listen to a few chapters and then I feel better, more positive and upbeat.


I love a good bath, just lying in a nice hot steamy bath just makes me release any negative thoughts I may have. I have a bath nearly every second night and if I have had a tough day it relaxes me before bed. I normally add stuff to my bath like aromatherapy oils, or a lush bath bomb something that smells nice and makes me feel good. I don’t go away very often but when I do the first thing I look for when booking a place to stay is to make sure they have a good bath, it may sound random and weird but for me it is the small things that matters so taking a nice long bubble bath for sure helps my mood.


Mindfulness, Mediation & Healing Crystals

To make my mind stay focused on the positive I always have to practice mindfulness. I have some posts on here with some of my mindful moments which you can find here. Mindfulness to me is looking around for that small little moments and thoughts that make you think about life and make you feel grateful for your life.

Mediation hasn’t come easy for me, I find it very hard to zone out and be at one with my mind, body and spirit but I am getting there slowly. I have joined a mediation class which helps so much and I just always feel so happy and weightless after my classes.

Healing crystals. I have had crystals for years but after learning more about them and using them everyday I fell in love with them. I use them when I mediate, I carry one on me everyday, I have them all over my house. These crystals are so beautiful and very powerful if you believe in the power they hold.


Hot Mug Of Goodness

Nothing beats a cup of tea, it is like a warm hug. I always feel better after a cup of tea. I also treat myself to a fancy coffee few times a week, I love the atmosphere at the coffee shops like Starbucks or costa. I sit with my book and fancy coffee and feel instantly happy.



So that is what keeps my spirits high, nothing big or fancy. I don’t ask for big holidays every year or new cars all I simply ask for is a notebook, pen and a bath tub and I am happy. It is the small things that mean the most in my life. I bet if you look hard enough you to can find what keeps you happy in your life, we are all different but we ALL have something to be happy and grateful for.



Last Words Of Wisdom

“Your life is art, it should be appreciated for its uniqueness,” ~ Meย 



Share what keeps you happy below? I would love to know.



Thanks for reading.


Take care & talk soon,


Love, Kimmy







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