Journal Entry 10:36am



Currently watching the news on the horrible events in Manchester, which there was a concert attack last night. So far 22 dead and 59 injured. This is disgusting. People on social media are sending prayers and love to all who was there and all involved, all the families who have been affected by this. I too am sending my love and prayers to all affected by this horrible disaster.

Stand Together

The news have shared stories of people opening their doors to help others during this tragedy, people coming out to offer lifts to those in need. People offering their homes for comfort and this is truly amazing. People coming together to help one another in a time of need is truly an amazing act of kindness.

People have made up a donation page for those who have been affected by this. I have donated and you can too. Donate here, every little helps.


“We live on a beautiful planet but in an ugly world.” This quote I am seeing everywhere and this quote is so true. The world we live in can be so cruel and ugly.

Amongst those who have lost their lives during this attack were children who haven’t been allowed to live their lives to the fullest, this makes me and many others sad and I worry what this world is coming to when someone can think that this is right or a good idea.

In times like this you realise nothing else matters in life apart from those you have in your life, your family and friends. Cherish them. Today and every other day people lose their close ones and most of the time it is out of the blue, in the split of a second.


“This day I won’t forget, because I too take my daughters to concerts. I take them to concerts to enjoy the experience a concert should bring. The news today sickens me to my core. For the world we live in can be an ugly place. My heart goes out to all affected by this tragedy. I was sitting with my daughters this morning having breakfast at the table while we watched the news in utter shock. They asked me to explain how this can happen in a place where there was so many children and where people was having the time of their lives and then this very sick tragedy happened and I had no words for them, how do you explain something you don’t understand yourself.”

“As a child I never imagined that all of the real monsters in the world would be humans.” ~Mobeen Hakeem

A very sad day today.

Take care of yourself and those you love,

Love, Kimmy



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