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The War Of Women?

Hey my lovelies,


I read something the other day from the wonderful women who was in the hit tv show big little lies. They said “What are the forces that drive women to judgement? Division? assumption? comparison?” This got me thinking that in those few words there was so much power. This was said between 5 amazing and very successful actresses, all rooting for each other. So why in the world we live in now does comparison feed us into competitive notions? I choose a world where we use comparison as a means to celebrate  one another like these ladies have shown us. They all have their own strengths and passions and they are all so different and unique. They managed to come together in unity and create a bond I personally have never witnessed before. Watching them talk together and see the way they all support each other was truly inspirational and completely changed my point of view of women.

If women thought this way the world would be such a nicer place. Things like this needs to be practiced because it is changing a habit that Unfortunately most of us do or has done.

Practice, So your best friend has lost 2 stone, that’s so good she must feel so much better within herself. compliment her, take her shopping, simply appreciate her and her news of losing weight.

Your friend lands her dream job, take her for dinner to celebrate, send her flowers again experience her enjoyment in this time of her life and the new journey she is about to take.

Your friend buys a house, buy her an awesome house-warming gift, congratulate her because that is pretty awesome and she must have worked her ass off to get where she is today. Use her as inspiration if you want to buy a house but never do it to compete with her as your motives would be wrong. Get her involved if you are thinking of buying a house she has bought a house so she will know the tricks of the trade.

Little changes can be made to everything you do when it comes to reacting to your family and friends when they have good news. We can’t change the whole world but we can change ourselves.

Over on Instagram I have connected with loads of lovely ladies but there is a few who go over and out to comment on my photo’s, send me lovely messages and basically share the love. Myself and this bunch of lovely ladies is hoping to meet up for the first time face to face this year and honestly I can’t wait. These ladies are like the ones I mentioned above they are all so wonderful, lovely and very supportive and I can’t wait to meet them properly.




Women come in all different forms,

neither are better than thee other.

Each are all amazing within themselves.

For they are wonderfully unique.

Women are so very powerful,

we should all stick together and support one another.

So when the time comes and our daughters are at our age,

They will live in a world where women are united by their love and uniqueness for one another.

Not in the world we live in now where judgement and comparison leads us to competitive notions.

So let’s stick together and be one,

Because I have faith that this can be done.


~ Kimberley Kirkwood 


Thanks for reading.


Talk soon & Take care,

Love Kimmy

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