Share The Love

Hey everyone,

So with thanks to some other lovely ladies I have managed to get this up and running. Let me explain what this is first.

Share The Love Book & Box

So this is a box with small little goodies in it and a book we will pass it around each other and all you have to do is pick a gift and write a message in the book and send it on, that’s it!! Wont cost you much to send it to the next person. The box will go out monthly and always come back to myself. You may add to the box if you wish but you don’t have.

The Aim

The aim of this is to connect with others on another level, going back old school and actually writing in a book about your day or thoughts or even doodle a picture, this is so the next person can read what you and others write and I hope it brightens their day. I think in this society we need to empower each other and work together instead of competing against each other, as sad as it is there is so much hate in this world we can’t change it all but we can change our little corner of the world and make it more happy and inspirational for others. Once the first notebook is finished I plan on publishing it so everyone can see what happens when you have a little thought , a lot of love and are able to be connected to such amazing people.



If you would like to take part in this amazing journey with us please just email me here and I can add you to the list. Again it costs nothing to join you just need to be willing to send the box on to the next person that’s all. The free little gifts in the box will range and probably knowing me be themed. The first box was sent today and the theme was pamper yourself so you can imagine what would be in it right??

I am in high hopes that this will be a great little adventure and I hope you all can enjoy the journey with us too. I have 3 lovely ladies who are my main 3 which means the box will always come round myself and them, I will link their instagrams below so give them a follow to see more of the share the love box soon and their wonderful accounts, they are a fab bunch of ladies.


Thanks for reading.


Take care & talk soon,

Love, Kimmy xoxo

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