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So if you don’t already know I suffer from anxiety and I have found over the years that there is certain things that help keep it at bay whether that be a little reading corner or a picture wall in our home etc. These things make me happy and help me stay calm and content. I am a home person I always have been, so my home is my happy place. Yes I am trying to be more adventurous but my home will always be my happy place.

I have decided to share little parts of my home that I change-up that makes me happy. Starting with the wall. Yes I know how random that may sound, a wall? Bare with me.

The wall

So we have this plain wall in our living room that I decided would be perfect for tapestries etc so that is just what I done. I bought some tapestries and lights and pinned it up and just like that the living room had a different vibe altogether. In the winter I had a winter snowy mountain tapestry which made the living room so cosy, on those cold nights nothing made me happier than lighting some candles, switching on the lights next to the tapestry and settling down all cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book. The one we currently have just now is more light and refreshing, it makes me think of spring and summer. I started medication and yoga this year so the tapestry I currently have up is perfect for just that. Here is what it looks like just now.

As you can see I have the fairy lights at either side and my mood light in the middle, this looks lovely at night-time with the mood lighting. I am away to change it because our girls are having a little Easter Spring tea party so going to change it for that and make it more magical for them. I will continue to share what makes me happy in our home. We don’t live in a big house nor are we rich so it is the simple things that make me happy in life.

Do you have a happy place in your house that you love? If so what is it?
Thanks for reading,

Take care & talk soon,
Love, kimmy xoxo


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