Fun Learning

So I was talking to my daughters about the stuff they are interested in and what they would like to learn etc and we have come up with a little plan to tackle something different every few weeks. Now the difference with this kind of learning is that it will be fun. School teaches them the need to knows, I as a mother can teach them what they would like to know. So let me explain what we plan to do.

Our first topic is HISTORY

So apart from the fact my girls think I was alive during both world wars (thanks girls) they are both so interested in history. They ask so many questions on different things regarding history so we thought it would be a cool topic to start with. History covers a wide range of things so are going to split them into sub categories and do them at different times. So our first history topic is going to be about in the girls words ‘gadgets’.


We are going to document our topics history style.

1. With a scrapbook & Polaroids.

2. With a cassette recorder. This was funny introducing girls to this, video will be up soon on this.

There will be 3 parts to every topic:

1. Choosing the topic and researching it.

2. Playing around with the item or at the place and using our imaginations to have fun.

3. Fun worksheet and conclusion.
We think this will be a fun way of learning and spending time together. This also gets us away from the normal distractions of life  and it’s fun. All the worksheets we use I will make up myself and link a free printable within the posts for each one and anything we use during these fun learning posts I will link where we purchased them too. Our first post on this will be up in the next few days so come back for that and join in on some fun learning with us.

Words of wisdom 

” The future is manifested in our children’s imaginations and perfected in the games they play.” ~ unknown 
Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,

Love Kimmy xoxo


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