Themed Bath – Spring

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Hey everyone,

One of my friends said to me the other month that her son hates bath’s so I told her about our themed bath’s we do and she tried it (batman themed) and it worked like a charm, he now goes in the bath no problem because he looks forward to his next themed bath. So I thought it would be a good idea to share our themed bath’s here too for inspiration and ideas for others to use. I have been making girls themed bath’s for a while now, firstly let me explain what a themed bath is. So you pick a theme then either pick a bath bomb or slime etc to add to the bath then you add your themed extra’s. Our recent bath was a quick Spring/Easter bath so details of how I done it are below.

Materials & Details 

– Dragon egg bath bomb from lush

– Bunting

– Egg tubs

– Small gifts (shopkins)

– Carrot goody bag & treats

– Plastic cup with crazy foam

– Plastic egg decorations

So I had all this in our home, I try use only the stuff I have lying around the house. I am forever raiding the bargain bins in the shops for stuff to use for props for themed baths (yes I am mad). We have a tiny bathroom but we just work with what we have. We thought we would share these on here because it is fun, my daughters love it and get so excited about bath time and we also match the themes to the seasons as well so it teaches them seasonal stuff too. Here are some pictures below of the girls Spring/Easter themed bath.




I just hung the bunting up out the way so it wasn’t a hazard. I had a pack of unopened shopkins so I opened them and popped them into the plastic eggs and then put the eggs into the bath so girls got a nice surprise when they opened the eggs. The centre piece was a basket with their carrot goody bags which they loved, in them was some sweet treats. I filled cups up with crazy foam and added plastic eggs inside too. This took 15 minutes to put together but they was in the bath for an hour, I had to top up the hot water for them and drag them out. They love having these baths together and it won’t be for much longer because they are growing up so fast so I am enjoying it while I can. I love hearing them playing together in the themed bath about what theme it is and how fun it is etc. Makes me as a mother feel I have done something right.

We have a very fun Easter Surprise themed bath coming next week which I will share on here too. Here are some more ideas below, some we have done some we plan to do.

Themed Bath Ideas

  • Character theme like Superhero, Princess, Disney etc.
  • Seasonal theme like a spooky Halloween bath or maybe a cute valentines bath.
  • Favourite colour theme, which means everything is the same colour.
  • Carnival theme bath, our girls loved this one we had bath games and carnival music playing.


This is something so simple but our girls love it, they talk about it all the time and it is fun at home and doesn’t cost much money at all. We are all for homemade fun. If you try any of these let me know if your kiddies like it as much as us. I am going to also do some fun ones for the adults too.


Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,

Love Kimmy xoxo


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