Random Adventure 1

So I am a major home bunny, I love being at home and having my home comforts. I basically hate going away anywhere, yes holidays included. But I have decided that just because I am not a fan of going away my daughters deserve to explore. So this is the start of our mini adventures, exploring nothing far or fancy just small and simple but I know that the memories will be BIG. The plan is there is NO plan, we just get up and go and don’t book in advance etc so it is slightly more exciting because you never know when it is coming.


1st Adventure

So our first adventure was on the 25th March, I decided at 6pm that we was going to jump on a train and just go. So I packed us 3 backpacks with minimal stuff and just went to the train station. Our daughters were OVERWELMED, the happiness and excitement they showed was amazing and a memory I will treasure forever. We got the train and went around 55 miles away from where we live, we got off and walked into a hotel and asked for a room. We had food, we took photos, we giggled, we watched movies, we explored the area. All the stuff we do at home but yet doing it away from home was even better. The following day we explored even more and went on a 5 mile walk which was amazing, we took everything in and was just living in the moment. No one was moaning or worrying we was all happy and excited. We went for food and to cinema to end the day. Once home our mini adventure was still being spoken about so we have now decided to make it a thing. But no planning in advance is allowed unless it is something with limited space etc. Here are some photos below of our first mini adventure.





No where big or fancy just a small random trip but the memories for sure are BIG.


Last words of wisdom

Live in the moment, live for the now. Life goes on whether you like it or not so enjoy it while you can.



Have you ever just packed a small bag and left with no plans? We found it exciting, did you?


Thanks for reading.


Take care & talk soon,


Love, Kimmy xoxo



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