Mindful Moments

Thought For Thought – Choices




So my thought for thought today is all about choices. We all have choices in life, you choose to get up in the morning or stay in bed, you choose to buy a takeaway instead of cooking etc. Life is full of choices from small ones to big ones. I have come to realise that every big choice we make leads us on another path in life which then that path brings us more choices. Life is simply made up of your choices, but how do you know you are choosing the right choice? You don’t that is the joys of life. So I have decided that all my choices will be made from my heart (and gut) not by anyone else or not by how easy or hard each outcome would be. Nothing is ever easy, Rome wasn’t built-in a day so the path to true happiness inside and out takes a lot of choices, a lot of different routes and a lot of time and to be honest I truly think it never ends so I plan to simply enjoy the journey.


Do you decide to go left or right,

What if the one you choose turns out to be a big fright.

The choice you made might not feel right,

But you learned a lesson during that flight.

For life is full of choices.

Each choice,

Makes a new path.

Each path,

Makes a new journey.

Enjoy the journey of your life,

Because life is taken away from us so suddenly.

So make sure you live your life as best you can,

And never regret a choice you have ever made as it made you who you are and it put you where you are today,

Good or bad you would have learned a lesson.

Remember everything happens for a reason.

~ Kimmy Kirkwood



Last words of wisdom

“Life is a journey that must be travelled, no matter how bad the roads or accommodations are.” ~ Unknown



Thank you for reading.


Take care & talk soon,

Love, Kimmy xoxo


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