Book Review

Hey guys,


Thought I would share with you a review of my current read since I have just finished it and my little reading corner at home.


Current Read

No turning back by Tracy Buchanan

So this book was surprising really good. When I bought it I thought it sounded good but it defiantly was better than I expected. I had actually never heard of Tracy Buchanan but after finishing this book and writing this post I am currently on amazon checking out her other books. I will leave pictures below of the front and back of the book so you can read it and see if it is your cup of tea.

No spoilers here but in overview the book is about a mother that protects her young daughter from a teenager and she accidentally kills him. I am a mother of 2 and this book got me thinking, as a parent I would do anything for my children and being put in a situation like that you really could not predict how you would react. Pray to god I never have to experience something like that but that’s why I love books like this one as they make you reflect on yourself as a person as a parent. Even if you are not a parent this book is still a good read, ever chapters ends with a cliffhanger so you want to continue reading on and on.

I would give this book 10/10 no faults at all. Easy to read, loads of suspense, amazing characters, love, thrill, danger, gory at times. This book for me was amazing and I would recommend to everyone.


My Current Reading Zone

So I change my reading nook monthly, just move stuff around etc. It keeps it warm, cozy and inviting. This is my current set up, I sit here when I am at home with nothing on apart from maybe my fire. It isn’t much just now as in the middle of creating a new nook but I read a lot better when I have some place that is purely for reading. I have lights at the back so it’s soft lighting. Also have a footstool and as you can see a cosy throw.



Hope you guys like it, will do these kinds of posts only if I think the book is worth it. Do you have any book recommendations?


Last words of wisdom

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ~ Stephen King


Thank you for reading.


Take care and talk soon.


Love Kimmy xoxo


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