3 Happy Things – 26/2/17

Because why not?? 


When life throws stones at you,

build a house with them.

When life trips you up,

simply lay down for a minute catch your breath then get yourself right back up and keep on going.

Life is a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Always learn from the lows,

and remember to keep your head held high.

You can do this,

You can live your best life.

~Kimmy Kirkwood


3 Happy Things

This week has been a busy week with work and unwell children but the weekend is ending on a high so it is all good. Here are my 3 happy things from this week.


My Daughters

These 2 always bring me happiness unless they are arguing obviously haha. They was unwell this week but once they started to feel better we went on a lovely walk and just explored. Being cooped up in the house unwell is boring so once they felt better we was off out walking, climbing trees and simply just living. This for me was a happy moment to see them feeling better and also seeing them just being kids and acting their age and enjoying life.

The Funny Side Of Life

Life can be very routined and each day in and out we do the same stuff and we all can get a little tired and fed up. I have started putting random funny messages over the house to brighten up our days, the whole family is now joining in and even though it is something so very small just seeing them makes us giggle and feel happy. Last weeks message is the one above, the pineapple one. Will share the weekly ones of these on my Instagram so follow me to see them, they may brighten up your day too.

Spring Is Coming

So yes maybe a bit early on the Spring train but I love all the seasons. So I am loving the flowers that are now coming into season for spring, the fact all the shops have spring and easter displays. I just love it all and so does my daughters, it makes us very happy.

Also we have a spring inspired post coming soon.


So that is my 3 happy things for this week, what are yours?


Last words of wisdom

“Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party.” ~ Robin Williams


Thanks for reading.


Take care and talk soon,

Love, Kimmy xoxo







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