My Drama Queens

Katie on the left and Summer on the right. 

We thought since my little angels will be taking over the blog at least once a week we thought it would be good to introduce them and for them to tell you in their own words what they enjoy doing and sharing etc.


So Summer is 8 years old, she will be 9 on the 13th of March (birthday post will be on here). Summer would like to tell you that she doesn’t enjoy vegetables anymore even though she gets them nearly every night she said she has grown out of them and no longer likes most of them. Summer enjoys creative things, she enjoys colouring, arts and crafts and lego. Summer loves animals, she would like to become a vet when she is older. She also wanted me to tell you that she is ‘the quiet one’ of my 2 drama queens.


Katie is 7 years old and will be 8 on the 25th of March, yes they are super close in age (1 year and 11 days apart, can’t remember how that happened). Anyways Katie wanted me to tell you all that she loves gymnastics and dancing, she has taught herself to basically do the splits and other amazing moves. Katie is full of life and is far to clever for her age. Lastly she wanted me to tell you that she doesn’t like Donald Trump and that she can’t wait to become an adult.

My Drama Queens

These 2 will be taking over the blog at least once a week to share whatever they would like to share obviously through their crazy mum (me). Easter is coming up and so is both the girls birthdays so they have a lot of posts they would like to share with you along the way. Please expect the unexpected because I don’t plan on filtering them, they can read so I won’t get away with changing what they say. This is a little diary for them to look back on and they will feel that they are now included in what I do because I have recently been moaned at by Katie for not having my whole instagram feed full of pictures of them haha my bad. So I said we could do this together as a little mother and daughters project. Katie has also asked to do some random live videos on instagram so I said to her that was ok so follow my personal page to see them and again word of warning expect the unexpected because you so can’t filter kids.


So this is just our introduction to my drama queens. They will start sharing some content over the next few days so look out for that.

Last words of wisdom

“The most important thing in this world is family and love.” ~ John Wooden

Thanks for reading.

Take care and talk soon,


Kimmy and her drama queens xoxo


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