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Sometimes I don’t understand why we have to sleep,

With every sleep comes either good dreams or bad dreams that run so deep.

I understand we need to feel relaxed and refreshed,

To perform at our best.

But why sleep.

Life is too short, I don’t want to spend it sleeping all the time. 

I want to spend it awake and aware, of every moment, every touch, every word and every emotion. 

For I sleep very little and this is my notion. 

~ Kimmy Kirkwood 

I have realised that I do my best thinking, writing and reading when the world is sleeping. This is my time to express. I have never really been a good sleeper but as I get older I feel I don’t want to sleep because I have so much to do. It is a wonderful and strange feeling. We need sleep to survive, I understand that and sometimes when I am completely wrecked there is no better feeling than falling into my bed and going for a snooze. But sometimes I do think sleeping is a waste of our precious time, if only there was other ways of relaxing awake and aware of every moment going by.
This is my 3am thought for thought. In 2 hours I have had 3 cups of tea, read 4 chapters of my current book. I have wrote some new poems and writing material, I have done the dishes, folded clean washing and put on another load. I’m probably mad but this is how I roll. For I am a daytime dreamer and nighttime thinker.

Last words of wisdom 

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” ~ Anthony Burgess


Do you like sleep? Are you like me and prefer to stay awake?
Thanks for reading.
Take care and talk soon,
Love Kimmy xoxo


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