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3 Happy Things



Don’t do what others expect of you.

Be you,

For everyone else is taken.

Stay true to yourself and don’t follow the crowd,

Stand out,

Stand tall,

And be proud.

And always remember to stay true to yourself and make sure you live your best life out loud.

~Kimmy Kirkwood


3 Happy Things

Life is a crazy rollercoaster of highs and lows and as I get older I have realised how fast my days are going by. So I thought doing this 3 happy things weekly on here will give me things to look back over on days when I am struggling to see the light. Expressing gratitude is a big thing for me so this is another form of that too.

The sky

I am obsessed with the sky as it is always different. The sky can be so bright and pretty but also so dark and scary. There is something magical about the sky. I always smile when I see the sky, me and my daughters look for different shapes with the clouds on the way to school which makes us all giggle. It is truly beautiful.



I am a support worker for disabled children and I am not going to lie I really do love my job. There is something so inspiring about the families I work with. They are all so lovely and very inspirational. I have learned a lot through this job and I am continually learning more and more everyday. This job also makes me so grateful that both my daughters are happy and healthy and that’s simply the most beautiful gift of all.



I love reading and watching stuff on tv but recently I have been more into music. I have a playlist for everything. Cleaning, Walking, Bathing, Exercising etc. Music seems to motivate me and for that I am so grateful for it. I noticed that this is also a family thing in our household as when I want to motivate my mad bunch I just put on some upbeat tunes and eventually we will all be getting our stuff done and also crazy dancing. Music has a great effect on us.


Those are my 3 happy things from last week. I will be doing this weekly as it will be great to look back on it all.

Last words of wisdom

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What makes you happy? I would love to know.


Thanks for reading.


Talk soon & take care,

Love, Kimmy xoxo











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