Distressed Stranger


Sometimes we are so busy we in theory walk around with our eyes closed.

We have our set things that we do everyday,

Work, Play, Sleep.

But what cuts me so deep,

Is when you stop for a minute and look around at the crowd.

You then can feel so saddened, shocked or surprised at what you have found.

~ Kimmy Kirkwood


That Moment

So the other week I was walking home from being out shopping and I pass a lady in the street, She was crying she looked worse for wear. She was talking to the police and they basically told her to get lost she then shouted “excuse me” to myself, I could have just kept walking because I have no idea who she was or if she was on something but my gut told me to stop. I stopped and spoke to her and she had a disagreement with her husband and he chucked her out, I told her to go get a coffee and clean herself up until he calms down and that I was sure he will let her back in. I gave her money for a coffee and she then asked me my name and I told her and she said “god bless” and she stopped crying and went on her way. 2 days later I seen her in the shopping centre with her husband and they looked happy, She waved at me and I waved back.

Behind the music

During this moment a song came to my head which was Stacie Orrico – Instead. Listen to the song and let me know what you think. We see people who are not doing to great on a daily basis but we are always to busy or blind to see behind what is right infant of us. They are a person who took a wrong turn in life, yes some are bad but not every single person is bad that live a tough life. I always think that my life isn’t all that bad as that could be me in their shoes, living the way they do. Experiences like this make me so grateful for the life I live.

Video below, it is just the song that came to mind in this moment in my life. Have a listen.



Last words of wisdom

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” ~ Steve Maraboli


Let me know what you think of the song and if you have experienced something like this in your life.


Thanks for reading.


Take care & talk soon,

Love Kimmy xoxo










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