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A Child’s Opinion

For My Little Girl

Through her eyes she sees the world but not as we see it.

She sees the purity of the world we live in and doesn’t understand the cruelty.

For the world we live in is beautiful but it can also be a cruel place too.

I would love to see the world through her eyes for one day only.

She is so funny and bright and she always keeps me right.

~ K ~

 Katie age 7. 

So while walking with my 7-year-old daughter she asked me if I knew who Donald Trump was and I replied yes and we started having a very funny conversation about good old Mr Trump. So I thought I would ask her 4 questions and share her answers with you.


1. Do you know who Donald Trump really is?

A. Yes he is the president of America, and I don’t understand why.

2. Do you like Donald Trump?

A.  No because he keeps doing mean things and upsetting people.

3. If you could talk to him what would you say?

A. I would tell him to grow up and stop being silly and making people angry by saying and doing bad things.

4. What is your nickname for Donald Trump?

A. Stretch Armstrong but without the muscles.


Last words of wisdom

“Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us forming seeing things that we don’t expect to see.” ~Douglas Adams

What do you think about good old Mr Trump?

Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,

Love Kimmy xoxo


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