Peace Of Mind

Don’t fight with your thoughts,

you won’t win.

Say them out loud or write then down, simply acknowledge them then put them in the bin.

For if you ever want peace of mind,

you need to stop the fight in your head by letting the thoughts come and go.

For then peace of mind is what you will find.

~ K ~

Peace Of Mind

I have always loved writing, I am not brilliant at it but I don’t care because I enjoy it. For me writing is an outlet so no matter how I am feeling writing something down gets it out of my head and then I feel better. Normally with my experiences through life or my feelings towards people and things become my poetry or quote inspiration. I find writing and reading poetry so soothing and releasing, it to me is an art. I also love taking photos again I’m not brilliant at it but I enjoy it, I enjoy seeing the beauty in everything I possible can. So through writing and photography I have found my safe haven.

Find the beauty in everyday……..


Write words down and creative something beautiful…..


Last words of wisdom

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” ~ William H. Gass


Is there something you like to do that brings you peace of mind?

Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,

Love , Kimmy xoxo


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