Life Without Power


You both share a bond like no other.

You are both so strong and smart and that’s only the start.

For you will both learn and grow.

I hope and pray that the bond you both share will only grow stronger,

And hopefully it will never despair.

Because always remember a sisters bond should be impossible to tear.

By ~ Kimberley Kirkwood

Into The Forest By Patricia Rozema

So I recently watched this film (above) and it got me thinking. We live in a world that is controlled by power and technology, it is actually petrifying to think of what the world would come to with out power. Would everyone go insane? and start turning on each other? Would you have the willpower to survive it? It is not something you think about on a daily basis because the world we live in now is power run. I know there is places that don’t have power and technology and I would love to visit them someday and see how they live, because even though I think technology is out this world amazing it really is scary how much we all rely on it.

If you haven’t watched the film already go watch it, it is strange but worth a watch. It is actually a very powerful story I believe. I have 2 daughters and the story is based on 2 sisters and for me that was why I wanted to watch it. You would never wish this happening to anyone for real but it really does get you thinking when you watch it. Makes me think I should teach my daughters more life surviving skills that don’t include technology or power, maybe do that in a fun camping trip in the future.

This picture was taken the other night while the girls was reading to each other. So young, so enthusiastic, and simply so precious.

Last words of wisdom 

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.” ~ Elizabeth Bennet 

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Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,
Love kimmy xoxo


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