Best Of Both Worlds


Never knowingly put someone down,

Because you don’t know their story so why make them frown.

Lift others up,

Help others see the light that is hiding behind that dark cloud that is covering them.

Life is tough but always remember so are you.

Everyone in this world is equal,

So make sure you help others achieve a damn good sequel.

Poem by ~ Kimberley Kirkwood


Best Of Both Worlds

So today is Friday which means it is good deed day. I try to do as many good deeds as I can but life is busy and sometimes I am not proud to say it but I forget, so every Friday I have a set time in my calendar to go and do a good deed. Today I linked my good deed in with my tasks which actually saved me money and time.

So today I was looking for some new books as I really am in to reading just now so I thought I would go out and purchase some new books. When I was in waterstones I managed to find the 4 books out of the 10 on my wish list and the total would have come to £31.96, now I love books and don’t mind spending that on them but in that moment I just stood and thought this £31.96 could really go to a better cause. So after a cup of tea and a little think I decided to go have a look in the second-hand shops (love doing this with my grandma) which I haven’t done in a while and guess what I found? yup I found 5 books that was on my wishlist (happy dance). So my total in the charity shop for my 5 books plus 1 notebook was £3, BIG DIFFERENCE in price and made me super happy while helping a good cause. I then put a donation into the charity box they had sitting at the till as they technically saved me money. Once home I decided to pack few bits and bobs from our house and pop them down to the charity shop near us, because regardless if people think it is cheap buying from charity shops little do they know that charity shops raise over a million a year for their causes just by selling others people’s things, and so I always say what is trash to one person may be a treasure to the next.

So in round-up this wasn’t exactly a good deed as I got something out of it, I got books I wanted and stuff out my house we no longer needed. So that’s why I popped money into the charity box at the till as that is a good deed. Even though I give to charities every month off my bank this was a nice out of the blue good deed and it makes me feel good while helping others.



The books I purchased today.

Last words of wisdom

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world,” ~Muhammad 


Do you like having a look in the charity shops? Any good finds?

Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon.

Love Kimmy xoxo






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