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Message To My Younger Self

Growing Glow

As life goes on,

We learn and grow.

Life has a funny way of challenging us,

Testing how far we can go,

Or is life actually testing how MUCH we can grow.

For a life without challenges, is a life lived with no lessons learned,

Which means no growing glow.

Embrace life in all it’s glory.

Be who and what you aspire to be,

For this is YOUR own story.

Poem by ~ Kimberley Kirkwood


Message – If I could tell my younger self something, this is what I would say. 

Dear Kim,

LISTEN HERE young lady whatever you do in life please just be true to YOU, put yourself first not other people (unless it is your children, that is allowed). You are going to experience the good, the bad, the great and the oh my gods but no matter what you will always come out of it all with a smile on your goofy face. Being a people pleaser is ok but let me tell you, you will not get a job out of being a professional people pleaser. So please be true to yourself as you deserve that. As you go through life you will meet loads of people and as you grow some will stay with you some won’t but always remember no matter what, if they stay or if they go it is all for a reason, don’t blame yourself for other people’s actions. Cherish those who see the real you. Life is too short and people you love will leave very unexpectedly so make everyday count and tell those you love and cherish how much they mean to you. I could sit for hours telling you what is right and what is wrong but you have to make mistakes in life to learn and grow. Please always remember treat people the way you expect to be treated. Remember that the quality of friends you have is way better than the quantity and never eat yellow snow haha. Please enjoy every moment as life goes by so fast and please don’t let the pressures of society get to you. Be you, the goofy, funny, geeky and clumsy girl you have always been. Lastly and most importantly is the daughters you are going to have are just simply amazing, both so beautiful and so very clever. You will be so close to them and love them more than you have every known was humanly possible. Be the mum you always wanted to be and the older you is going to be a little vain right now but you are a damn good mum.

Lots of love,

Your older wiser self xoxo

PS WARNING – Donald Trump will actually become president of America in 2017 so please don’t move to America!! I am not joking he will ACTUALLY be president!

Last words of wisdom

“The wiser you get, the more experience you have, and the more you see people for who they are as human beings, as opposed to figures you have to fight against,” ~ Vanessa Williams

Have you got advice that if you could would give to your younger self?


Thanks for reading.

Take care & talk soon,

Love, Kimmy xoxo














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