Daily Habits 


Simplicity is the key,

It frees you from the stress that makes you want to scream.

Happiness comes in all different forms and all different sizes.

You need to spend time with who you love, Doing what you love.

There is too much pressure to fit in to society, So I say stand the HELL out!

And simply be YOU!

Do whatever you want to do,

Because a life filled with variety is much better than a life filled with the stress of trying to keep up and fit in.

So clear your mind,

Clear your space.

And live your life with simplicity and complete grace.

Poem by ~ Kimberley Kirkwood

Daily Habits 

I am not a naturally positive person so I need to make sure I have daily habits to keep me upbeat and motivated throughout the day. These may seem silly but to me they truly help. If I’m at home or at work I still manage to work these in where and when I can. Here are my top 5 daily habits.


As oversaid as this is, it generally is the best feeling ever. You don’t have to exercise as in going to a gym, simply walking outside can have the power to make you feel alive. I don’t think about it as most mornings I can’t be bothered but I lay out my gym clothes the night before and I just go, I never regret it! Unless I fall, like I did the other day, EPIC FAIL! But I giggled so wasn’t all to bad.

2. Five A Day 

Again very oversaid but it does help. I have had lots of eating habits over the years and none of them make me feel as good as eating clean. I seem to enjoy junk food more when I don’t have it everyday. I wasn’t a veg eater before but managing to find things like soups etc made me like them. Just play around and try it!

3. Read & Create

During my day I will always read part of the book I am reading at that time or I will listen to an audiobook. I also love writing poems or messing around with my wreck it journal. Something that gets my mind going keeps me level-headed. It also keeps me off my phone or computer as staring at a screen all the time isn’t always fun.

4. Water

I am not going to lie I still struggle with this. Drink as much water as you can, took me so long to do this as I hated water few years back (I know so bad). Water has so much benefits it is unreal. If you don’t like the taste add something like lemon or fruit to give it a little flavour.

5. Journal 

Lastly before I go to sleep I will write in my journal a round-up of my day and I make sure I put it 3 things I am grateful for that day. Then when I wake in the morning I read over those 3 things. This keeps me grateful in life as it is so easy to get wrapped up in your own problems that you end up forgetting how blessed you truly are.

Last words of wisdom

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you have a daily habit that you do to keep you motivated and upbeat, if so share below? Always looking for new inspiration.


Thanks for reading.

Take care, talk soon.


Love Kimmy xoxo


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