The Little Things

Thankful Heart 


Share and care.

For in this world there is too many of the sad and poor.

You don’t have to be rich,

To become someone who is having a bad day’s cure.

A small gesture from the heart,

May just be exactly what a stranger needs to stop them from falling apart.

We all need reminders that the world we live in isn’t all that bad,

And that there are still good people out there with a thoughtful heart that will lend a hand.

Poem by ~ Kimberley Kirkwood

This year I have vowed to do give more. I am in no way well off but giving and helping others is a big part of me so I want to do more of it, even if it’s something little it will mean a lot to someone.
Today I decided to give a lovely stranger a nice surprise when they went to the toilet (I know so random) but couldn’t think of anywhere else they wouldn’t see me put it so toilets behind the door it was. I wrote up a quote that I love and on the other side I wrote a little note from me the happy stranger. I enjoyed so many lovely things today and I am feeling so blessed so giving back is what I done. So I wrote this up while having my cuppa before work.

I hope the stranger who seen it (while on the toilet) giggled and got themself a cuppa on me and then went on to have a wonderful day.

Last words of wisdom

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ~ Steve Maraboli 

Have you ever done a random good deed, If so what did you do? Spread the love.
Thank you for reading,

Take care and talk soon.
Love kimmy xoxo


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