Mindful Moments · The Little Things

The Sky 

The Sky is so wonderful especially when it’s so colourful.

In the Sky mixed between the wind and the clouds,

The Sky holds many crowds.

Not crowds of people but crowds of people’s prayers, promises, wishes and whispers,

And yet the Sky at times can still look so bright, beautiful and happy.

Life is a wonderful journey, 

Mixed with the good and the bad.

But no matter what keep going and try not to hurry, 

For you only get one life so you don’t want to waste it in a flurry.

Poem by ~ Kimmy Kirkwood 

This photo was taken tonight out of the blue purely because I stopped and looked at the beautiful sky and took it all in. This poem came to me while I was admiring the Sky in all it’s glory. 

Last words of wisdom:

“When you feel stuck. Look at the Sky, the clouds reminds us that everything changes.” ~ Unknown 

I am obsessed with Sky pictures, I just find them so fascinating. Do you stop and take in the beautiful sky? Or am I just weird!

Thanks for reading,

Talk soon and take care.
Love Kimmy xoxo 


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