The Lady In The Red Dress

So one day after school I took my daughters to a beautiful beach with a friend of ours and the views was just stunning. Both me and my friend had had a pretty crappy day so was nice to get out and breath in the fresh air.

On our walk a lovely lady in a red dress came over and started talking to us, She was from London and was here in Aberdeen for a holiday with her family. She was tall with dark hair and beautiful tanned skin. She looked so happy and relaxed. She said to us that she would love to stay here in Aberdeen because it is so much calmer here than it is in London. While talking to her I couldn’t believe how happy she was to be here and for me it was a breathe of fresh air and exactly what I needed on this pacific day. Once she left she walked along the beach and because I love taking photographs I took a snap of her as she left so I can always remember the lady in the red dress that made me slow down and remember that where we live is pretty amazing. In life we sometimes rush our days and forget to slow down and take in what and who is around us. I then went on to enjoy a lovely day with my family feeling refreshed and blessed. 

Thank so much to the lady in the red dress. 

Last words of wisdom.
“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective” ~ Doe Zantamata

Take care until next time and you to should try and slow down for a second and take in what and who is around you. If you did slow down, did it help your mood like it did mine? or have you ever met a lovely stranger who cheered you up unexpectedly? I would love to know below.

Thank you for reading,

Take care and talk soon.
Love Kimmy xoxo 


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