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Hey everyone and happy new year. This will be my first proper blog post of this year so I thought I would base it around a new habit/way of living for us.

Hygge (hoo-ga)
I received 2 hygge books for Christmas that I put on my santa list to get inspiration for our life. Hygge is the Danish art of happiness and even though I am not Danish I thought I could get inspiration from these books to add to my own life along with my family. These are the 2 books I received.

For me and my family hygge is kind of becoming a zoning out time. Times where we are not all on electronics or moaning at each other etc. It is on the calendar at a set day and time we all simply zone out together and we have created new little traditions that seem to be working for us to do this. Surprisingly we are all enjoying this so much and would recommend this to everyone.

I love home interior and décor etc which is good because hygge is also aimed at creating your environment, a space you feel calm and cosy in. I am learning that how our house looks should be a story of our family and our life lived not to simply impress others. This is hard for me as I am a perfectionist but I am getting there slowly and hygge is helping me with that.

Have you read any of the hygge books? Do you have any tips on including it into everyday life? As we are still learning so would be nice to hear if you have any.

The last words of wisdom.

1. Life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favourite things, beautiful places; 2. Savouring the present moment; 3. The good life = Hygge

Thank you for reading,

Take care and talk soon.

Love Kimmy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Hygge

      1. I think it is. It’s the first book about hygge I’ve read, it doesn’t preach and make you feel like its unachievable, it gives a lot of information about life in Denmark and explains why the danes are so happy. I paid £5.45 for it in Sainsburys (if I’d used my nectar points it would have been free)! On Amazon its currently £5

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