Hellooooo, Recently I have found my love again for writing but I have also realised that when you talk to someone in person it is easier to sense the mood and intention of the conversation but when you mail or text a person they take your words as the intention which can easily be picked... Continue Reading →


October // 2017

What is going on............Walking Meditation, Full Moon, Intentions, No Social media.............. Hey everyone, Hello October  It is now officially the start of October and Autumn is truly here. For us Autumn and Winter are our most loved Seasons even though we do celebrate them all they are our favourite, So we are super happy to... Continue Reading →


Hi and welcome. Here you will find our little magical corner of the world full of great things. Here we talk about the struggles and pleasures of life, We express ourselves through poetry and creative writing, We explore life through the beauty of photography and being out enjoying nature for all its beauty. We change... Continue Reading →

Wrong Turn 

(Image from Pinterest) Wrong Turn    For life took a wrong turn, A turn where I crashed and burned. It all happened so fast, It was like a great big blast. But I survived,  Beaten and barely, Weak and weary. As time goes on I am getting stronger everyday, As long as I don’t let... Continue Reading →

A Fall From Grace

Hey, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back about my own experience with an eating disorder. This is my experience in my own words. This is raw, rough and real.       A Fall From Grace   In a world where I felt so small, So small that everything and... Continue Reading →

Crystal & Mediation Talk

Hey, So I have been meditating everyday for the past 10 days and I have seen such a big difference in myself. Thought I would share what has helped me on my mediation journey and my crystal of the month.   Mediation When I started mediation I never really got it, I found it hard... Continue Reading →

New Crystal & Magical Message

Hey my lovelies, Today I want to share with you my new crystal and why I picked that crystal. What I do with my crystals and a little magical message I received when away travelling with my family.   New Crystal So my new crystal is a big rose quartz, this crystal is stunning and... Continue Reading →

Your Life Is Art – Poem

Your life is art, it should be appreciated for its uniqueness, not for its struggles or flaws. But for its journey, It has got you this far and if you put your mind to it can you imagine how much further you can go. and how amazing your life could be. Because you're the artist,... Continue Reading →

The War Of Women?

Hey my lovelies,   I read something the other day from the wonderful women who was in the hit tv show big little lies. They said "What are the forces that drive women to judgement? Division? assumption? comparison?" This got me thinking that in those few words there was so much power. This was said... Continue Reading →

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