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Free Prints

Hi everyone, Happy 1st of October (happy dance). I made up some free wall art prints for you all. Print and use these as you wish. I made some quote prints and some Autumn/Halloween prints too. These prints are all A4 size but some have multiple prints on the one A4 sheet. Print on good… Continue reading Free Prints

mental health

Wear Your Scars Like Armour

Hi my lovelies, It doesn't matter who you are you will go through stuff in your life that in a sense scars you for life. Today I want to talk about those scars, those mental and physical scars we all live with and the ones that most of us try to hide from the world.… Continue reading Wear Your Scars Like Armour

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Change & Social Media

Hi my lovelies, I hope you are all well. After going to a few different self-improvement classes, getting healings done and spending time with like-minded people I have really been digging deep thinking about life, about relationships, about self-love, about the future, the present and about change. During this time I have also been thinking… Continue reading Change & Social Media


Fitness – Crystal Energy

Hi my lovelies, Can crystals really help you achieve your fitness goals? Yes, yes I believe they can. Read below to find out what crystals have been helping me stay motivated to achieve my fitness goals. My FitnessFor the past few months I have been playing around with different fitness routines, trying different workouts and… Continue reading Fitness – Crystal Energy